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May 15, 2011

10 Days [Day Three]

Day Three : 10 things I hate
Day Four : 10 things I want to say to one person
Day Five : 10 wishes
Day Six : 10 items I can't live without
Day Seven : 10 important people
Day Eight : 10 of my favourite songs
Day Nine : 10 ways to win my heart
Day Ten : 10 final word

Technically, it's still day three when I started writing this:P
10 things I hate.

1. Selfish people [come on!! the world doesn't revolves around you!!]
2. Rude people
3. Pampered brats [I hope my nephew doesn't turn into one]
4. Cucumber [ I seriously don't like cucumber]
5. The Malaysian time [ where everybody is always 30 minutes late]
6. Hana Tajima style of wearing the scarf [you spend so much time trying to make yourself look like you've never worn a scarf at all!!]
7. Girls who wear the scarf just because it's the "in" thing to do [Kepala letak kat lutut agaknya?bodoh ke??]
8. Disgusting people [ These people look good, but can even take care of themselves. Guys, if you wanna date a girl, look at how she lives, not just their looks]
9. Smokers [ I wanna live longer than you people. Go away!!]
10. Politics [ the thing that ruins everything. but can't live without them]

Really aghasty there don't you think? :)

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