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Dec 11, 2013

Dengeki Daisy Special Episode 1

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A good day to all!

Here's the last post from me for Dengeki Daisy. I have stop my subscription to Betsucomi since the main mangas that I was following has already ended. I would like give a huge shout out to Karen and Abis-san for the contribution to ensure that we can continue  to enjoy Dengeki Daisy. THANK YOU BOTH OF YOU!!

Thank you to all those who have followed this blog. I'm not even sure anymore as to what I am going to post here anymore since the manga that I have been scanning have both ended. I have a feeling that the post here will not be as frequent as it was (not it was frequent in the first place) now that I have turned to tumblr. But I will still try to update in here every now and then...

If you want to still follow my shenanigans, don't hesitate to say hello to me on tumblr. I still go by yuukuzuri as I do in the cyber world. So enough with the ramblings, on to Dengeki Daisy Special!!

Dengeki Daisy 75 -END-

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Hey everyone!!

I will like to make a statement. This chapter is, in fact, the last chapter for Degenki Daisy. It is a happy ending so I guess you won't be disappointed. I will have to say that it is rather sad having your favorite mangas ending. When Kaichou wa Maid-sama ! ended and I got a bit lost afterwords. The people that I can thank for keeping me sane before I run into new mangas are the people who write awesome fanfiction on

The end is a start to a new story, so on to the raws.

Dec 10, 2013

Dengeki Daisy 74

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Hey ya'll!!

Here's the next chapter. I forgot to mention before that that Dengeki Daisy will end by the end of this arc and there is also a special chapter right after it. The special chapter is about Souchiro and Riko's relationship. I't super duper cute!

For now, please enjoy the raws for this chapter!