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Jan 22, 2012



Yes it's late now but they raws are early (for a change) this month. I haven't have time to look through the whole chapter properly yet but the rough version is instead of spending time with Misaki, Usui gets dragged to a party hosted by Igarashi to celebrate his own birthday. From what it seems to me, Usui is officially being introduced to the rest of the Miyabigaoka students. So Misaki sneaks in as waiter with the help of VP Maki. It seems that the party is the first phase of the plan between Igarashi and Gerard Walker. Fufufuf I'm really interested in Gerard's character now. But fret not, Misaki does get to spend some quality time with Usui and I find her present very cute (even though a lot of other pitched in) and thoughtful. Now Usui feels that he's finally a part of something (happy tears for Usui Takumi) T^T. Ah~This couple is cute to bits and I just feel like hugging Misaki right now XDXDXD. Wait for the proper summary/scanlations for details. Before that, Enjoy!!!

Yes, the cover is definitely eye candy. Thank you Fujiwara-sensei!! Now wasn't the one month absence totally worth it? XD

EDIT: Our friend thescowler has gone out of her way to translate this chapter for us! So off to her blog!! XD


  1. Usui has a real emotional connection with Misaki. I think it´s so sweet. I love the plot in this chapter (Usui´s birthday party). I can´t say anything else because honestly i need to read their dialogues.
    Thank You. You are so kind.

  2. thanks for the raws! i love the chapter!!!, misaki is so cute. anyway, really really thanks :)

  3. thanks for the raws!! :') I LOVE THE CHAPTER!

  4. THANK YOUUU!!! :)

  5. Thanks for the raws!!!

  6. Adorable!! I will translate the endings with Usui & Misaki just to understand what they are saying XD SOO CUTE!! Misaki's smile at the end made me smile :)

    - Artemis

    1. 100% agree with you! <3 sweet smiles~
      Thank you for the raws, yuu-chan! ;3

  7. Thank you so much!!!!

  8. thank you it was super cute~!

  9. thank you so much Yuu-chan! You're the best. This is an amazing chapter and thank you so much for sharing! :)

  10. Thank you so much for this lovely chapter! And yes, the wait for this chapter was indeed worth it ^^

  11. YUU CHAN!!!! its me Raina, i should be the visitor from bangalore, india! awsome raws and i finally got a chance to see ur blog! :D awssome backdrop!
    such a cute couple! and the misaki sneaking in as a butler seems very much like that ff story where usui gets amnesia.....

  12. Thanks for the raws :) finally get to see what happens, but still gotta wait for the tranlations. But anyways... thanks

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  14. OMG this chapter is SO cute! Can't wait for the scanlations. :D

  15. Thanks for the raws, but scan0021.jpg is missing...

  16. yuukuzuri-chan, reading in comments, they said that was missing a page. which comes after talks with usui tora. in which the Torah speaks with Vice President. I hope you can upload the scans so they can translate it in English. thank you very much for uploading raws monthly :)

  17. I dont know where to write you so well...

    Thank you very much fr Dengueki daisy, I feel the same with finding something arround. So well, Hope you keep going on.

    But, You will make me very have if you do the same with Vampire knight once i have seen you usually have LALA.
    I have become tired of teasers and chinisse scanLations. (blur and photoshoped with so many filters which really ruins the delicate art and the reading) So well If you could help will be really nice.

    Thanks bye.