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Mar 18, 2011

LaLa May 2011


It's way too early for an update!!Come on!!

Well anyway, I would like to inform that I have no idea if the publications will be on schedule or not this month. I contacted the book shop where I get my LaLa from and they them self don't know if there will be a issue this month. They will only know once the issue is published in Japan.

So let's all hope that the Japanese will overcome this this grave disaster with their head held high!!I give my condolences to people who have lost their families and friends in the earthquake and tsunami. I wish them gambatte kudasai and akiramenai!!

Let's us all pray for Japan and give donations if you can. You can go to or or any other online donating sites. Let's help them that are in need.


  1. Yeah, what happened to Japan really is horrible.
    But, according to my friend who's leaving there, the Japanese are trying their best to get on their lives back.. I hope they'll overcome these disasters soon.

    Btw, I've been looking around your blog, and I couldn't find the right post to ask you this question. I hope you don't mind I ask you here.

    First of all, thank your for scanning the raws for KWMS and FTAK etc! It's highly appreciated.

    Anyway, I want to ask you about Ookami-Heika no Hanayome. Do you also scan the series?

  2. Things were and still are crazy in some areas in Japan. On a positive note, I got the latest issue of Hana to Yume on the day of release, which could mean Hakusensha is shipping out magazines on schedule.

    Btw, thanks for scanning FTAK!