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Sep 22, 2012


Hey hey hey ;)

This month's raws is so full of info that it makes me wonder the significance of it to the whole Walker arc and also how it fit into the whole President-is-a-maid thingy. As many have argued, the story line is rather steering away of the hardships of Misaki hiding the fact she's doing a job that would wound her reputation as a highly looked up student body president. I do agree to the matter; of it not focusing on the title; but isn't a well thought story line what we search when we read a a story? So my opinion on the matter is that even though the story is a bit jumping away from the actual plot, I would have to applaud the author for the thorough planning of the character's development. I really like the character development for both Misaki and Usui. Hats off to Fujiwara sensei :)

Okay, enough serious stuff, now on the raws!! This chapter focuses on the history of Usui being created (LOL) in the first place. Assuming he was a robot that was made-...wait. Oh I got fooled by Usui's cyborg story, forgive me :P

Kidding, we'll this chapter does look rather serious. It's a flashback of how Usui's father even got into Patricia Walker's life. He was actually a trainee butler that Gilbert brought from Japan. He was introduced to Patricia around the same time Edward was. I am assuming that Patricia marriage to Edward was strictly because there was a power struggle within the Walker family for a male heir. Because Patricia was a woman, she couldn't inherent the title as the head of the Walker clan; thus her marriage to Edward. She was fond of Edward but she was in love with Usui's father; Hirose Yuu. They were both in love with each other but being a responsible lady of the house, she agreed to marry Edward. She was then diagnosed with a terminal illness where she was kept away from the castle to live in a more healthy(?) environment. She asked Yuu to tend to her as her butler. She then got pregnant and the doctors wanted her to abort the pregnancy to make sure that she could live longer but she refused. She died a few days after giving birth.

I don't get the part of which Usui's question is the lineage is really important to Gerald (We have been spelling his name wrong this whole time!!) and he says that his mother said to protect the lineage no matter what. So we'll have to wait for the English version to fully understand what happened in Patricia's past. But I do wonder, what ever happened to Yuu after Patricia got pregnant? It was not mentioned in her diary. Maybe next chapter? who knows...

The Misaki learning etiquette was rather nice touch of humor to the seriousness of the whole chapter ^^ Tora was really enjoying himself wasn't he? XD

EDIT: Our friend thescowler has put up a detailed summary on this chapter. Go there now!!

On to the raws!!

On the final page, the are conducting a Usui Takumi look-alike contest!! So cool!! XD
Anyway, have fun with the raws.

See you guys next month! or I maybe posting a rambling post on my thoughts about the chapter.
Key word: MAYBE ;P


  1. すごいね

  2. Hey. :) This was my favorite chapter of KWMS, ever - so good that I decided to do a full (and long) English translation. Feel free to link it:

    Thanks for sharing. The new format makes the raws a bit hard to read, but I'm still very grateful. :)

  3. Excuse me but, I can't see the raw ('u') (maybe there is a link of something like that I didn't see, or I'm just silly, lol ...) But I've seen that the others can (LOL) Anyway thans for posting it !

  4. even I can't see the raws ...any problem???? .. may be they have stopped it!!!... not fair ...

  5. No presure, but are U ready with the translations of chap 58?? I'm really loking forward to read it
    Thanks for your hard work!!