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Sep 18, 2012

Dengeki Daisy 62


Early DD scans this month because I've decided to make the trip to the bookstore twice monthly. I reaaaly need to catch up on scanning since I have to be scanning a lot more manga that I used to. So by that, you will get you're monthly doses of DD faster!!! *throw confetti* XD

Anyway, remember how I said that I am not able to provide any more raws from October on words? Well, our prayers have been answered!! I would like to introduce you to Abis-san!! together with my lovely friend Karen will be providing the funds to the next issues of Betsucomi!! *rounds of applause* I am so thankful to both of them for wanting to continue helping provide raws *glomps both of them*

More fantastic news for Dengeki Daisy Fandom! Drumroll pleaseeeeeeee!! I have also found us a new translator for the raws!! *goes crazy and dances in the rain* Please give a warm welcome to our friend Femkee Onneweer who has volunteered to translate the raws for us! She will start translating from where we left off; chapter 58. So stay tuned for those!

So much has happened this past month that I am thankful that there are people who are willing to help continuously help us feed our soul with the smexyness of Kurosaki Tasuku and the moe lovey doveyness of TasukuxTeru pair!! XDXD

So on to the raws!!!

See you guys for KWMS updates ;)



  1. Yeah!! Thanks for the scans! You make me so happy!

  2. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS RELEASE!!!!!! I loved the end of this chapter!!! >.<
    we'll be waiting for your posts :)
    thanks again!!

  3. thanks for the rawss!! i love the end :)

  4. Thank you so much for the raws and to your friends. :)

  5. I just want a fxcking kiss ! T_______T why they don't kiss yet?!

    PD : i know, my english isn't so good :c

  6. Omg i am soooooooooooo happy that you can still post! *dances on top of a rainbow*

  7. thanks for sharing! so glad you were able to provide the raws, it's great. i really like it's manga, it's too bad it's so difficult to find. the end was was nice :)

  8. Yay! So much good news with DD. I am just so happy =)
    Thank U so much for making our lives complete every month.
    Thank U!♥ Thank U!♥ Thank U!♥

  9. In those hectic, awful days, reading your blog has always made my day giving me relief & immense enjoyment.
    We, from different parts of the world get to share the pleasure & refreshment that ''Dengeki Daisy'' delivers & it has been possible only for you.
    So, whenever I leave the ''World of Mine'', two words always come into my mind & they are, ''Thank You''.

  10. I miss your releases... Please update :'C

  11. Sugoi!!!!! know what I have bookmarked your page and kinda look up for D posts regularly :))) Arigato!!!

  12. i wish there were translation~ its getting harder to imagine the dialogues

  13. awww the ending so cool and cute in a way
    daisy and the person he protects TERU