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Apr 8, 2012

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 56 summary

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 I've finally gotten the summary for chapter 56 form Vala :D Here you go!

The chapter starts off with Teru and Morizono in the room together.  He angrily tells Teru that she should prepare herself for insulting him to such an extent. Teru tells him that he’s the one who needs to prepare himself since his Neo Jack Frost attack has already failed. She also informs him that Rena, who he was holding hostage, is escaping with her allies.Teru also adds that his business partners who wanted to buy the Neo Jack Frost virus are also finished.

The scene changes to the assembly hall. One of the passengers wonders if he’s been set up by Morizono. Meanwhile, Andou let’s Masuda know that their trap was a success. Masuda asks Andou to remember everyone’s faces and suggest they hurry and start the second phase of their plan. The ladies are to separate from the assembly hall and prepare for evacuation while the men prepare to get Teru. Kurosaki tells Andou that he is in the basement’s storage room and that he’ll catch up to them soon. He also tells them that he’ll be the one to take Morizono out.

The scene changes back to Teru and Morizono. Teru narrates that everything so far has gone according to plan. All that’s left was for Kurosaki and the others to rescue her. In order to buy time, she taunts Morizono about how his plan to attack Rena’s father’s company failed and that thanks to that, Daisy was able to obtain a sample of the Neo Jack Frost virus to create an antivirus from.

Suddenly, an explosion is heard going off and the whole ship rattles. Riko wonders what happened.

The scene changes to the boat Kiyoshi and the others are on. Kiyoshi is shocked about the explosion and asks Masuda if this was part of their plan or not. Masuda replies, “Of course not!! There’re passengers as well as our allies on that ship!!” He then radios in to Riko, Andou, and Kurosaki, but receives no response from any of them.

Back on the ship, the passengers are panicking and worried that the ship will sink. An announcement comes on to inform the passengers that the ship’s operation was suspended due to a break-down. The announcement goes on to instruct the passengers to put on their life vests and go to the deck to prepare for evacuation.

Meanwhile, back with Teru and Morizono, Morizono asks Teru if the explosion was her group’s doing. Teru assures him that it isn’t and that she suspected it was his doing instead. Morizono comments on how all of this was too much of a coincidence when the phone suddenly rings.  He hits the speaker button and demands to know who the caller is and if he is the one responsible for the commotion on the ship. The caller laughs and mocks Morizono a bit, asking Morizono if he thought he had outwitted him. Morizono seems to realize who it is and asks if it’s “Anotra” (?). The caller confirms Morizono’s suspicion and tells him the bomb was a little greeting gift. He reminds Morizono that the real Neo Jack Frost is in his (the caller’s) possession and that the business failure was Morizono’s punishment for betraying him. The caller adds that he has taken back M’s inheritance key and that he is cutting off all ties with Morizono. Morizono apologizes and falls to his knees. Teru approaches him and suggests that they call it truce and try to evacuate. Morizono appears to be in shock over what just happened and blames Teru’s unnecessary actions for his predicament. He lunges at Teru.

The scene changes to a frustrated Kurosaki who wonders what is going on. Andou radios Kurosaki and asks if he is okay. Kurosaki says that he’s fine since the explosion was far away, but all the doors are sealed off. Andou tells him that the door to Teru’s room has been sealed off by an electronic lock as well. Meanwhile, on Andou’s end, Riko is banging on the door, asking Teru to answer her. However, the door is too heavy and they can’t tell what’s going on inside. Andou asks Riko, Haruka, and Chiemi to go ahead and evacuate. Riko understands that they would only be in the way even if they did stay, so she leads the other ladies away. Andou radios Kurosaki again to let him know that Masuda is heading their way. In the worst case scenario, Masuda could forcefully break down the door. He then asks Kurosaki if he can do something about the door on his side. Kurosaki confidently replies that he could take care of the door in no time, and that he’d meet up with Andou and Masuda soon.

Kurosaki comments to himself about how the unlocking code he got for the door earlier doesn’t work anymore. He assumes that that perhaps the code has been overwritten due to the fact that the main server’s security database was penetrated. He makes a note to himself that since the staff was dealing with the accident’s recovery at the moment, he should try not to interfere. (Not sure if all this is correct. I think he mean she doesn’t want to have to overwrite the code for the lock because it might mess up the code the staff has to use…)

Kurosaki hears a noise and asks if it’s a staff member. However, instead, he hears a voice asking for help. Kurosaki heads toward the voice and finds Akira lying on the ground. Akira appears to be worn out and unconscious. He’s mumbles few things in his sleep, asking his grandfather for help, saying he doesn’t want to die yet, and that he hasn’t found it yet.Kurosaki gently puts his hand on Akira’s head. Akira wakes up and lashes out at Kurosaki in surprise. He yells at Kurosaki not to touch him and demands to know why he’s here.He asks if Kurosaki is also after M’s inheritance key. Akira is gasping for air and seems as if he’s in pain.

Kurosaki’s phone rings and he answers. It’s Chiharu. She wants to know where Kurosaki is. He tells her he is in the storeroom on the first floor. Chiharu asks if Akira’s lying around dying somewhere. Kurosaki replies and tells her that he found him just a few moments ago. Chiharu then tells Kurosaki that he shouldn’t be alarmed at Akira’s condition. Akira has a special health condition that requires periodic injections, but even if they left him for another 2-3 hours, he would be okay. Kurosaki comments on how calm Chiharu seems even though Akira is supposed to be an important asset to her and the people she works with. She tells Kurosaki that it’s none of his concern and asks him to open the door for her. She’s on the other side and has the injection that Akira needs.

Kurosaki picks Akira up and moves him over by the door. Andou radios in to ask if everything is okay, since the transmission was cut off. Kurosaki tells him everything is fine. Seeing Akira in pain, Kurosaki puts his hand on the boy’s head and tells him to hang in there since Chiharu is waiting nearby. He turns his attention back to the locked door. At first, it appears as if Kurosaki has found the code, but it turns out to be protected by a high level encryption. Kurosaki panics, stating that without a highly efficient super computer, it could take years to decode it.

Akira glances at the encryption and suddenly speaks a phrase in English: “It is better to drink of deep griefs than to taste shallow pleasures.” He tells a surprised Kurosaki that he just decoded the encryption for him, adding that Daisy should have been able to figure out the code simply by looking at it.Kurosaki types in the phrase and the door unlocks. Chiharu thanks him and tells him he should hurry.

The scene switches back to Teru and Morizono. An announcement can be heard, telling the passengers to begin boarding the lifeboats. The room appears to be in a mess. A frustrated Morizono demands that Teru stop making fun of him. Teru tells Morizono that he needs to calm down, that nothing would come out of him hitting her out of anger. She goes on to say that he needs to acknowledge his wrongdoings and ask Masuda and the others for protection, and after that, find a way to atone for what he’s done. Morizono is outraged by her idea and finds it humiliating to have to bow his head to someone like Teru. However, Teru calmly replies that if he is able to bow his head to a girl like her and apologize, then that would be proof that he could start over again. Morizono is convinced that no matter what he does, it’s over for him. He lunges at Teru, telling her that he’ll give her a taste of his despair.

Morizono is suddenly stopped by Kurosaki (who has a foot on Morizono’s head), Masuda (who’s carrying an axe with him), and Andou. Kurosaki tells him to get ready to go to hell. Just as Morizono started to protest, Kurosaki takes him out with one kick to the face. Andou disapproves of Kurosaki’s actions and told him he should’ve taken his time instead of finishing him in one hit.

Masuda slings an unconscious Morizono over his shoulderand prepares to retreat. He and Andou leave together while Kurosaki and Teru leave a separate way. Kurosaki apologizes for being lateand asks how she’s doing. Teru assures him that she’s fine and asks if he’s okay. He replies that he was worried to death about her and hugs her, promising her that he’ll never let anything like this incident happen again. As an after note, Kurosaki tells her that she can never wear this kind of dress ever again and that if she does, she has to wear an undershirt and grandma panties underneath. Teru replies with a hesitant “Okay.”

The scene changes to the boat Kiyoshi and the others are on. He just received news of the mission’s success. Rena is relieved that Teru is okay and thanks everyone for rescuing her.

The scene changes back to the ship. Due to the explosion, everyone is being evacuated. Teru and Kurosaki plan to blend in with crowd and escape. Teru is excited and tells Kurosaki to hurry. She wants to hurry and see Rena again. However, Kurosaki seems a little lost in his thoughts. He debates whether to tell Teru about his meeting with Akira or not and wonders if he has safely evacuated. The two are suddenly stopped when ‘Stag Beetle’ calls out to them. In his hand are some daisies that had fallen out of Teru’s hair. He asks if perhaps these had been accidentally dropped. Kurosaki and Teru don’t reply. Stag Beetle assures them that he’s not a suspicious person. He simply thought that maybe the flowers were something of great importance to them.

The chapter ends with Teru narrating that for some reason, she couldn’t help but feel as if something bad was about to happen.

My thoughts on the chapter I will give later. Had a bad foot injury and the drugs are interfering with my head *o*


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