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Oct 24, 2010

LaLa December 2010


For the people from the LJ page, welcome to my new blog :) I welcome everyone with open arms. I feel better that I can put all those boxes in the sides.

This month onwards, I will be giving out raws from this page instead of the LJ account. I just feel like it. Well, since last month's raws were pretty messed up, I would have to warn you, I will set passwords for all the raws and your gonna have to guess it. Read my post thoroughly, I'm sure you'll figure it out. And don't worry, hints will be given. ;)

It is certainly thrilling for me that it has been a full year since I started subscribing to LaLa. No wonder the LaLa mountain has become so tall!! Out of the 12, 8 of the Furoku's are of Natsume Yuujinchou. I'm positive that cat gets more credit than Natsume who is the main character in the manga :) The rest are 2 from KWMS, 2 from Ouran, 1 from VK and 1 from Gakuen Babysitter. And also 2010 Calender.

note: sometimes, they have more than one Furoku at a time.

Talking bout calenders, the next issues, which is the January issue, will giveaway 2011's calender which I am really looking forward to. The one from KWMS seem like it's from the summer months cause Usui shirt's open *wink* and the sun looks really clear.

Aren't these hotties just hot?? XDXDX

Anyway, the chapter this month is concentrated on Aoi-chan. I was never really a big fan of him because he was so darn spoiled in the previous chapters and I hate spoiled kids. But in this chapter, it shows how hard he actually works hard to get approval even from his family members. That, is highly respectable. Seeing him in his school uniform is actually bonus :) I like him better as a boy than as a girl. He's way cuter as a boy!!

There was teeny bit on Misaki and Usui. Kinda like just enough to not make the fans send hate mail to Fujiwara-sensei ^^; From all the rumors on the confession, I would like to confirm that, YES. Aoi did confess to Misaki out of the blue. From what I could understand from the images and really bad Japanese, Aoi asked Misaki if she is officially together with Usui or not. The way Misaki reacted towards the question was exactly like how the couple Aoi saw at school. Acting all shy and rather at loss of words :)). And apparently, Misaki asked if Aoi knows how to knit!! I was mentioned in some spoilers that she's asking Aoi to teach her how to do so because she wants to make something for Usui.:D:D

I wonder if that's true. I am as everybody else, getting anxious for the next chapter already! The next chapter would also be about Christmas!! I can't confirm this because my Japanese is as bad as my singing, so let's wait for CrazyKitty to scanlate this chapter for us :)

KWMS 55.
Password hint : Something to do with Aoi. It's in English. Might want to use a dictionary if you don't know any Japanese. It's a simple translation and I actually wrote it up there ^

You know, I actually have an exam tomorrow. I can't believe I'm still doing this I should be studying...sigh~

So expect these titles later than usual.

Faster Than A Kiss Chapter 39
Mishounen Produce Chapter 15

I'm still not sure if I should scan Ookami-heika no Hanayome Chapter 16. Tell me if you want it, more than 10 votes, I'll scan it.
I should go back to studying. Exams are happening.............bye people. I hope I'm still alive after this.......


  1. Pretty blog!
    um... mkay, so I tried to decipher the password for KWMS but... yeah. xD
    a few more hints please, yuu-chan? :P


  2. The password it's too dificult T____________T

  3. Good luck with the exams ^^

    Not to interested on that either. Well, Mishounen ought to be fun. I wonder if there will be some 'threats' happening =P


  4. Thanks for the raws! :D I loved this chapter and can't wait for the next! <3

  5. is it from english to japanese or vice versa?

    i'm thinking maybe it's from english to japanese

  6. Thank you so much for the raws! I agree with you, Aoi looks way cuter as a boy. XD I, too, have never been an Aoi fan, but I must admit that this was a very sweet chapter. It seems that Aoi's "confession" was more like "I really like you, Misaki, so I want to see you and Baka Usui happy and lovey-dovey together." XD He thinks Misaki looks very cute when she is with Usui, and wants to see her like that. So his "confession" wasn't so much a confession as it was a way to encourage Misaki to get together with Usui. Aoi is very sweet... I think I'm going to get a toothache lol.

  7. Thanks for scanning! Through I wasted so much time to find out the password, which wasn't that difficult at all... anyway, it was worth it^^

  8. Thanks very much for uploading the raw every month and good luck on your test :) The other month I could find the password but this month I tried and I could not... and also I have an exam tomorrow too but I trying to find the password all day, distracted me I love this manga and I sorry because for stupid people that not respect your work you do this, but this makes it more fun :) please could you give me another hint?

  9. I figured out the password, it is less than 5 letters

  10. Thank you so much for the raws, even though the password took away 2 hours of my lifetime^^

  11. I figure it out the password. LOL when I actually type them, makes me laugh... Why did I think too much.

    Thank you very much for the scans.


  12. Thanks for posting raws on your blog! So I tried reading some of your other entries but I can't read/understand much Japanese (that is what language, right?)
    I totally understand about exams, so your efforts are really appreciated!

  13. pass-word..... agh..... I tried too many things too many times........ *cries* Aoi.... Aoi.... Uh.... Yaoi? no no no.... I think im just thinking too hard...? thank you though! ill try again another time.... but once i figure it out, ill surly enjoy it~!

  14. Hi yuu-san!

    Ooooh... new blog! It looks awesome!

    Haha.. tried guessing the password and I did! Yehey! But I'ma wait for the English translation instead...

    Super good luck on your exaaaaaams!!!



  16. oh i feel so sad that i can't find this password :( less than 5 it an english word or romanji?

    and photobucket has locked me out for trying too many times :(

  17. Hi there^.^
    Hope your exams went well!! (i'm lucky 'cause we have autumn holidays=D but i symphatise with you!! school is annoying=.=)
    For the password... i tried everything.. kid, cute, boy etc. and nothing works=( i need a more specific hint 'cause i don't know anything 'bout japanese... wish i could!!!! is it a noun, verb, adjective, adverb?? how many letters are there?? and yeah.. you said you wrote it up there.. you wrote it in english?? and i still don't get if it is an english word or a japanese word??? yeah i know i'm stupid!!!
    Thanks for your hard work and hope you can post raws again next month=> i appreciate your hard work!!!

  18. hello! this is jacey.
    thank you very much for posting the raws!
    I found AOI very cute as a boy too ^^
    omg if MISAKI is knitting something for USUI its gonna be sooo sweeet !!
    usui would be extremely happy i guess~
    once again thx for your hardwork !

  19. yuu-chan!
    thank you so much for the raws:))
    the guessing of password is really hard
    but it's worth it:))

  20. Thank you for the raws! :D Such a cute chapter~

  21. is it something to do with a color?

  22. oh my I did guess it right on the first try, but
    Photobucket didn't work yesterday... Anyway, thank you very much, guessing your password every month is funny!

  23. Thanks for the raws! I have to admit its quite easy coz of the hint and once you know where to find it. Best of luck on your exam!

  24. Oh yes, I didn't wish you good luck on your exam... Sorry for that *hugs*

  25. Merci beaucoup! Thank you so much ! It took me quite a long time to find the password because I don't know any japanese but it's worth it ! :)

  26. lol wow the password is so easy, i thought it was english to japanese, but it turns out to be the other way around XD thankyou so much for the raws, is ur exam soon, or did you already take it... either way, best of luck!

  27. School and work are more important, so I don't mind waiting for FTAK at all. I hope you did well on your exam.

    Btw, I love the background on your blog.

  28. I can't guess this password! :((
    Can't you give more suggestion?

    Please help me!!!!!

  29. i did it!!!!!!!!!! finally=D i am soooo happy^.^ the password is easy... but you don't have to think too much (that's what i did =P)
    My advice to you is: don't try to run in circles if the real thing is in front of you =)
    Thanks again for the raws!! you made my day=D

  30. Thanks for the Raws! I look forward to them every month :-)

    Actually Takumi & the boys are wearing kimono's (not an open shirt), which is (or at least used to be) customary during New Years, since KWMS is going to be on the cover of the Jan issue.

    Hinata is holding a "kine", or a wooden mallet used for the mochitsuki (mochi-pounding), and Yukimura is holding a "hagoita" used for hanetsuki, both of which are New Year's activities.

  31. i never said the image i posted was the one going to be on the calender.

  32. thank you very much for KWMS scan, very lovely.
    can i make a request on:
    未少年プロデュース; Mi Shounen Produce

    that is another manga, I think, with potential to be just as popular as KWMS. the story is fresh too.

    thanks again.


  33. have more than 30 comments in a post is really incredible for newbies of blogspot for u...congrats babe....nti i ajar u wat nuff ek... it'll confirmed that u rich earlier than me...

    btw, guys...i know the password....hahaha...!!!!
    if wanna know, visit my blogs after words...;p

  34. Thank you for scanning it.
    But I can't guess the password.
    Please give more hint.

  35. hey thanks for the raws ....
    and abt aoi chan...he's got it..but i dont think so he confessed to misaki as such but only wanted to tell her that he doesnt hate her as he used to say...nd meant dat now he likes her as everyone else does..dats all..
    ooooh...nd i'm waitin for FTAK....
    thanks again..... ur awesum :-)

  36. At last, I found it !!
    It took 5 days ...
    But I thought I had a much think.
    It's too easy .... T ^ T
    Thank you for the raws.
    And I hope you wii take a exam perfectly.

  37. I love FTAK :)
    thanks for the raws!!

  38. thank u
    If you don't mind, could you scan Ookami heika no hanayome?