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Jun 23, 2012

Dengeki Daisy 59 Raws


I've updated the translation for chapter 57 raws on the previous post. Or you can just go here :

Chapter 59 is a rather serious one and I can't really make out what they're saying. So the raws are under the cut. 

There is no chapter this month and will resume in July.



  1. thank you for sharing this! I don't understand what they are saying either, but it was nice to be able to view the raws.

  2. thank you sooooo much for the raw
    as you said it's looks serious and need to take time reading

  3. Hmmm.. The chapter looks so..intense? Obviously,I don't know what's happening but everyone looks serious =D
    Wonder where the story is going. Can't wait.
    Thank you so much for posting the raws!!!

  4. will you post the extra from delux betsucomi?? :3

  5. Thank u for sharing!! I'm so happy to view the raws! But I don't understand what they said, I hope the translation will come soon!
    Can't wait for the next raws!! ^ ^

  6. Thank you so soooooo much for sharing. Like always it seems like it's a really great chapter. Does anyone know if any translators work on it ? :)

  7. thank you for the raws! its much appreciated!