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May 2, 2012

More Fanfics

Hello :D

The last time I update about my fanfic was "Switched Up!" and that was early last year :O Believe or not, it's been almost a year since I've started writing fanfics. So here I'm gonna update on the not-so-latest-but-it's-new since-the-last-update fics. So read on and give me a review, they make feel all bubbly and give me motivation to finish up the ones that are still in progress.

  • The last chapter of Trust Is All I Need; Trust Is What We Have
  • A short one for Shintani Hinata. Shintani fans are gonna hate me :p ; Why?
  • Alternate Universe for Usui and Misaki; I'm Falling
  • Cutesy, Lovey-Dovey for the pair; Purikura!
  • Future-fic in which is on hiatus because the bunny gave up on me. A new trap is in process of assembly XD ; The Will
  • Another future-fic with no actual plot. But is besides cute! After this ones finished, there will be a sequel XD; Days With Misaki and Takumi
  • Future-fic that was supposed to be in Days, but was too kinky :p ; Cooking Session
  • Future-fic that was screaming to be written. An angry Takumi is delicious XD; Hard To Say I'm Sorry
  • Annnd, a short angsty future-fic which I hope won't happen to them. It'll be too sad T~T; Small Bump  
So far, that's a collection of 13 stories. I hope I have improved with the amount that I have been writing and reading. Honestly, I'm kinda dried up of good stories right now and I do have a bunch of them unfinished scattered in my laptop. I hate just looking at them because it bums me out that I can't write and be satisfied with them. Oh well, I should just stick my head in another book and actually finish it then maybe the inspiration will come to me. So till next time, bai bai :)

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