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Jul 29, 2012

Dengeki Daisy 60

Hey :D

Here's Dengeki Daisy 60! No idea what's happening but the end bit is so damn cute! Hahahaha Teru got tricked by a drunkard!! XD And looks a bit serious with Akira tracking down Teru like that. Hope she's gonna be okay. The mighty Daisy to rescue! I hope he remembers to put on a shirt before he goes out (even though it would be as smexy as hell seeing a topless Kurosaki running around town in the freezing cold XDXDXD) Well, enjoy the raws ;)


  1. I wonder just when are these two gonna kiss.

    Once again, thanks for sharing. =3

  2. all in all an adorable chapter! dont u agree!
    looks like nurse-sensei is stalking them as usual... all this trouble for just the jack frost? i dont think so. i think there is something bigger going on here, and they have money minded stupid big-shots like rena's fiance.... hmm....
    and yes! smexy kurosaki in a shirt PLEASSEE!!!

  3. do you know that you are the best ?
    thank you from the bottom of my heart <3
    I didn't read the serious parts but it was a cute chapter

  4. Am I the only one that can't see anything?? :S

  5. yay thanks for sharing! wow, looking forward to the next chapter, i wonder what akira is going to do with teru :( I love the cute scenes of teru and Kurosaki

  6. Haha, I love pgs. 19 and 20!

    Pg. 19

    K: ..nnn... what is it... I said stop... my ears are weak (sensitive)

    pg. 20

    K: What happened, Teru... you're being so assertive... It's not like I don't want to, if it's alright with you then... but if we're found out, Riko will get mad...

    T: Ah, Kurosaki, are you awake?

    K: No, you're wrong, it was a dream! It's the dog's fault! Yes, I know I am the worst! I will commit seppuku! I will go bald tomorrow!!

    (And of course Teru is oblivious)

    This was so funny I actually started crying. Ahh, Kurosaki, you're such a pervert. <3

    1. I knew it was something along those lines! Kurosaki was blushing to much!! Sensitive ears?? So cute!!Thank you for the translations! Going bald?? ROFLOL!!!

    2. lol, right? Kurosaki is so cute when he blushes <3. Pgs. 28-31 are very cute too. Especially pg 30. I wonder if I should translate those as well?

    3. Wow thanks for the mini translation. It was so cute, he has sensitive ears, well well. If only Teru heard what he was saying.

      Sweet chapter and many thanks again for the scans. Appreciate your dedication.

    4. @animefreakkatie

      If you must *wink wink nudge nudge* ;D

    5. Oh yes, I simply must~! For you, I would translate anything~! Thank you soooo much for always providing scans for DD and KWMS! I look forward to seeing them every month. <3

      Now onto the translation! The Kanji is a little hard to see, so I had to guess on some parts.

      Pg 27

      K & T: blah blah blah blah….

      T: That’s fine, but you said you would hear me out…

      Pg 28

      K: I heard you. Perfectly. Thanks for talking with me. I have also always felt uneasy about it. If the both of us feel the same way, then it isn’t just my imagination. From now on as well, please tell me whatever it is you are thinking. Because it is you, there is something I’ve realized. I rely on you

      Pg 29

      T: yeah… ehehe (ehe ehe)

      T: What, Kurosaki, you’re not drunk at all. Sorry for misunderstanding.

      T (thoughts) : Ah but, that thing he muttered earlier was a little…

      K: I am drunk. I’m reaaally drunk. I wonder if that’s why I can be so honest about my feelings

      Pg 30

      K: How strange, No matter how much I worry or feel uneasy, If you’re here, I have the feeling that it’s going to be alright.

      K: It’s a good thing that Kaoruko is here… If it was just the two of us, I wouldn’t be able to hold ba….. (passes out)

      Pg 31

      (Teru blushing furiously)

      T (thoughts): Go bald, Kurosaki, From my heart / (Sincerely)


      Hehehe so cute~! <3 Awww, why did you have to pass out Kurosaki???

    6. Aww~ thank you so much for this translation! Haha, Kurosaki has bad timing xD they were so close, damn. I waiting for kissing!

      And a lot thanks for the RAW! ;)

    7. thank you so much "animefreakkatie" :*
      AAh all those sweet KxT moments...DD is definetly the Best Shoujo i've ever read !

  7. Thank you sooo much for these scans!

  8. Awwww.. I have never seen this two blush so much in a single chapter. Sooo cuuuteee!! I'm so happyy!! ♥_♥
    Thank U so much 4 the raws & the translation!!! It was so worth the wait.
    God bless U!

  9. Thank you so much ♥ You're the best!

  10. thank you a lot , keep the good work

  11. omg they look so cute together and i really love the art ...kurosaki smexxy hot

  12. thanks a lot!!! and btw, do you have the translation of chapter 58??

  13. aaah why can't I recieve the raws with this bloody iPod??? Thanks anyway for the translations...

  14. kyaaaaa!! thank you so much for sharing!! thank you thank you thank you !!

  15. Akira don't hurt Teru!! Dog to rescue? Thank you for the Chapter!

  16. Who is so good in japanees &nd english that he/she can translate for me ? o.e please!! D:

  17. Seriously i would have already raped him

  18. THEY GONNA KISS IN 68 CHAPTER *.* //=//(^_^)\\-\\

  19. Does anybody know Why there's No eng scans for 60 onwards?:(